Read Academy’s Parent Teacher Association (RAPTA) is an integral part of the Read Academy family. Our empowered parents are active partners in our learning, student support and school development.

  • Reinforce and build positive collaborative partnerships between families, school and students
  • Lead participation in local and international community initiatives and events
    Raise funds for key school improvements, school events and charity outreach projects
  • Be an active voice on behalf of all parents and a supportive bridge with respect to parent suggestions and feedback

The RAPTA Team

Ms Selina
Umm Salahudeen
Mrs. Annie Afghan
Vice Chair
Umm Tahaa
Vice Chair
Ms Asia Bukhari
Vice Chair
Umm Ayman
PR Officer
Ms Sumayya
PR Officer
Ms Shahin
Décor Manager
Ms Ajieta
Ms Umm Omar

Making a difference

Read Academy PTA supports the school’s ambition in creating future leaders of the community. We seek to support local charities who are doing work to help those less fortunate within our community. The school has partnered with local grass roots charities to provide hot meals to the homeless. Our families donate money or meals that we distribute both on the streets and within a shelter that we work alongside. This inter-faith project is something we are very proud of.

We are also fortunate enough to have a cluster of local businesses, organisations and individuals who donate, support and contribute to our events and join hands with us to support vocational and life skills education for our students.

Welcoming families

We have been able to organise a wide range of events for our school community. Some of our events are designed to get families acquainted with one another such as the “Read Family Mixer” where we welcome families new and existing back to school at the beginning of the academic year.

These events are enjoyed and remembered by our families. Our parent community actively fund raises and have contributed to improvements to library, playground equipment and adaptive equipment for those with additional needs.