School Tours

We invite you to make an appointment to visit Read Academy by filling in our enquiry form and a member of our admissions team will get back to you to schedule a visit.

Open days and evenings are also held throughout the year and you are welcome to put your child’s name on a class waiting list at any time in the academic year.

Admissions Policy

Please contact us here if you could like to register your interest for a school place. Currently, all year groups are full.

Reception Class Admissions

The admission process for entry into our EYFS class is based:

  • A collaborative parent/guardian and child initial interview
  • A ‘whole’ child assessment conducted by our admissions team
  • A reference from the child’s present school/nursery

We have a whole-hearted, professional approach and offer school places on the basis of building strong home-school partnerships with every family.

Admissions into Primary and Secondary Years

The admissions policy for entry into Primary and Secondary year groups is based on:

  • An entrance examination aligned to age-related expectations in core subjects (Literacy and Numeracy at Primary, English, Mathematics and Science at Secondary)
  • A written reference from the student’s present school and a pupil  interview carried out during the examination procedure
  • An interview with prospective student’s parents


Read Academy is a not-for-profit fee-paying school.

The annual per-child fee for our early years and primary school is a single and transparent £3,999. This is a termly fee of £1,333.

The annual per-child fee for our secondary school is £4,200. This is the termly fee of £1,200.

Pupil registration

If a school place becomes available, the school admissions team will contact you and then a registration fee of £25 is payable prior to making an application.


A refundable deposit of £500 is held and refundable (upon successfully completing the school’s pupil withdrawal procedure).


Parents that pay the annual fee in advance will be eligible for a discount of £100.

Fee Enquiries

For fee-related queries or to discuss payment arrangements, you may contact the Fees team via this form.