Read Academy is an all through inclusive school which welcomes boys and girls aged 3 to 16. The school was established in 2013, and since then has grown from strength to strength.

The school moved to Mansfield road and inherited the historic site of Cranbrook School, founded in 1896 (formerly known as Cranbrook College). The school was acquired by Cognita in 2007 and boasted outstanding facilities that we are now fortunate to use and further develop, creating an outstanding learning environment for our Read students.

We provide a broad and balanced curriculum supplemented with a bespoke Islamic education that offers all students the opportunity to succeed in every sphere of life. We focus on teaching students the skills to be effective learners, and to encourage in them a love of learning that they will keep throughout their life and make choices that will benefit them in this world and the next.

We never lose focus on academic excellence, but we take pride in ensuring our pupils benefit educationally, personally and socially from a rich and rounded educational experience.

The work that takes place in the classroom is the cornerstone of the school’s success. A dedicated team of well qualified and skilled teachers and support staff provide outstanding learning and teaching for students.

Read students are enthusiastic, motivated and ambitious to succeed and maintain very high standards of behaviour and engagement in their studies. They are encouraged to be reflective and creative in their thinking and to become increasingly independent learners as they progress through the school.

Read Academy’s C-O-R-E

Spiritual guidance

Islam is at the heart of every staff and student at the school. It is not just a topic taught in the classroom but a way of life lived by every member of Read Academy. The family environment of our school is that of respect and care for all. We refer back to the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) and his sunnah in all our actions. He was the best of mankind, an epitome of etiquette and an embodiment of perfect mannerisms. His outstanding qualities are an example for all of mankind to follow.

Students and staff participate in daily congregational Salah (worship) enabling us to fulfil our duties as Muslims to Allah SWT. This collective worship provides an opportunity for our students to come together as one community, learn how to pray and understand it’s importance in their lives. It’s a period of calm reflection.

Achieving success

Every student will need guidance and encouragement and at Read Academy we aim to meet individual needs by providing the right level of challenge and support to ensure students reach their full potential.

We support students with this by focusing on providing quality teaching, and responding to their needs to ensure the right level of stretch and challenge. There are a range of intervention and support programmes for those students who need extra help, such as those with learning difficulties. We are very proud of the inclusive nature of our school and aim to personalise learning and teaching so that every student is able to succeed.

There is a structured home learning timetable and all students are given a planner to help them organise their time and workload. Parents/carers are asked to check this on a weekly basis. There are support clubs at lunchtimes to help students if they need it.

The school also has Learning Mentors to support students and mentoring schemes with both staff and student mentors available to support students.

Beyond the Classroom

There are many opportunities for students to take part in extra curricular activities at Read Academy. A range of clubs and activities take place outside lesson times. Staff are committed to providing different opportunities to enrich the lives of Read Academy students. Subject based clubs are organised to enhance learning such as Science, Art, Food Tech, Quran and Sports.

We offer a number of external school trips that extend students learning, understanding and creativity. Including residential trips to Spain, places of worship, Museums, career fairs, theatres, parliament and adventure theme parks. Distance and travel is not a matter with our own fleet of minibuses ready and waiting at our doorstep.

Students are encouraged to enter competitions and to contribute to the community in different ways. Our school council and student leadership roles help develop leadership skills and provide opportunities for students’ views to be heard.

There are termly Competition events and an annual end of year production which help students develop their performance skills and their self-confidence.

Striving for Success

Our first cohort of GCSE pupils in 2021 achieved 💯 pass. Grades 9-6 (A* – B) in all subjects. Their academic success, coupled with Islamic values and immaculate character is a true testament to the dedication of our school body, which is committed to developing our wonderful students into well-rounded model Muslims ready to face and challenge tomorrow’s world In shaa’ Allah.

Strength to strength

Some of our future plans include becoming a Forest School, building our very own Read Academy scouts group and by engaging the entire school community, we aim to setup a global sister school to support orphaned children, allowing us to give to those in need and teach our students the true meaning of sadaqah jariyah ‘ongoing charity’.